All these forms must be filled out prior to gaining access to the Messenger System. The Messenger Service Agreement should be signed by an officer of your company, or other person authorized to execute contracts. Attachment A will name a Primary Contact for Messenger System matters, along with default contact information for your company’s future contracts. Attachment B should be filled out for each person who will need access to the Messenger System. Check the appropriate boxes for the pipeline(s) to which each person will need access. The person named as the Primary Contact for Messenger System matters on Attachment A may sign page 2 of each Attachment B. If the Primary Contact requests an ID, that person’s supervisor should sign his/her Attachment B, since we don’t allow anyone to sign his/her own form. You can type information directly into the forms, then print, scan and email them back to the email address shown on page 2 of Attachment B.

Messenger Agreement

Attachment A

Attachment B